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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Blackhawks are Boss!

That's right Philadelphia, eat nasty defeat! The best team won, with the best heart. Thank you Rocky Wirtz, for giving a name to the Blackhawks, after 49 years without a championship because of the poor ownership of Sr. Wirtz. That's right non-believers! The Blackhawks own! Cha town baby! Anything is possible! That's right! I'm pretty sure that pure silver taste pretty good to kiss! In an intense overtime game, Chicago was able to hold on and break in Game 6 in Philadelphia. The final score, 4-3. Antti Niemi, was unstoppable, saving anything coming his way as in my opinion, one of the best goalies in the sport of hockey. Patrick Kane scored the final goal barely, to clench the Stanley Cup. The MVP of the Blackhawks, was the 22 year old, Jonathan Toews.
And as a Chicago man myself, I am proud to say, that the 2010, Stanley Cup Champions, are the Chicago Blackhawks! They'll sleep good tonight! Signing off for now, I'm Sportsmaster JR, and till next time, remember, always stay Inbounds!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Tiger is not the face anymore

Have you noticed lately, how none of the golf commercials, involve Tiger Woods anymore! No? That's because no one cares anymore! There are plenty other good golfers, no one pays attention to, just because Tiger started early, he was the only face for golf! Guess what Tiger, no one wants to be the sports hero anymore, thanks to you, and people like Ben Rothlisburger, Magic Johnson, and OJ! Yeah, you guys screwed that up. Oh, and Tiger, I love it how you asked Nike to give you a logo, and then your little flaky friend Roger Federer, asked for his own logo, cause you two are so "all that". So, thanks to you, the amazing sport of tennis has now become a "mine is bigger than your's" fest. Tiger, you are amazing. No, your not a bad person at all.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

March Madness 2010 Highlights

I'm back! here are the highlights for yesterday and today, in the quarterfinals.
Yesterday, In the afternoon, Butler, was able to knock down #2 Kansas St. in an excellent game, 63-56.
And the main attraction, was the game between #1 Kentucky, and #2 West Virginia, where West Virginia dominated the whole game, especially behind the arc! West Virginia won 73-66.
Today, earlier this afternoon, Michigan St. kept Tennessee from an upset, winning by one, 70-69.
And finally, right now, #1 Duke, is struggling against #3 Baylor, barely winning 64-61. Three minutes of regulation left.
CBS is not currently live on that game right now.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Yesterday's March Madness Highlights

Yesterday did not contain nearly as many upsets as the previous days, as there were only three upsets: #12 Cornell over #4 Wisconsin. Cornell happilly took the win over the prestiegous wisconsin Badgers, 87-69. Cornell has upset both of the teams that they've played, the first team they devastated, was #5 Temple, Cornell winning 78-65 in a good game. Now Cornell, is in the sweet 16, waiting to take on #1 Kentucky, who I have winning the whole thing! Sorry Cornell, but your Cinderella story is over!
In the other games, #1 Syracuse took out another of my final four teams, Gonzaga, 87-65, in a not so close game. #5 Michigan St. beat #4 Maryland, by 2, 85-83. And #6 Xavier took out #3 Pittsburg, in overtime, 71-68.
I have to go, i'll give you the rest of the highlights later!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

tonight's march madness highlights

I'll start out with the game that messed my draw up, and probably everyone else's to. The Kansas vs. Northern Iowa game.
Northern Iowa, was winning the game by a decent amount throughout the whole game, but it was closer in the end. But, the deciding moment, was when Ali Farokhmanesh made the three pointer, to get a bigger lead. Northern Iowa won in the end 69-67.
Another big upset, was the New Mexico Lobos losing to the #11 Washington Huskies, in a semi-wipeout, 82-64. And #2 Villanova lost to #10 Saint Mary's, by seven, 75-68, in a close game.
Just recently, BYU was unable to hold onto an early 12-0 lead over Kansas state, eventually losing by 12, 84-72.
#6 Tennessee showed #14 Ohio how to win, the right way, winning 83-68 in favor of the Volunteers.
In another wipeout, #9 Wake Forest, after upsetting #8 Texas, in the first round, was wiped out of the tournament, losing 90-60 to the one and only, #1 Kentucky. Butler, played against Murray State, where State lost by two, 54-52.
And last but not least, Old Dominion was unable to hold on to their hot streak, after upsetting Notre Dame, lost to #3 Baylor, who cut them down to size, 76-68. So, Baylor, Northern Iowa, Butler, Washington, Tennessee, Saint Mary's, Kentucky, and Kansas State are now in the third round.
Signing off for now, I'm Sportsmaster JR, and remember, always stay inbounds!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

March Madness 2010

And March Madness has begun!
Tonight, so far, it has for the most part been a night of upsets!
I'll start with the game that everyone will be talking about: Ohio taking out the #3 Georgetown, first time that a number three seed has been taken out since 2006. Even I didn't put this upset down in my draw. The final score, wasn't so close, Ohio winning, 97-83. Another even more interesting game that finished lately, was the Washington vs. Marquette game. The lead was constantly changing over and over, but in the end, Washington took the last minute shot leaving 1.7 seconds on the clock for Marquette to take a half-court shot, only to miss it off the backboard. Another tight game, was the Northern Iowa vs UNLV, where it ended by three in the end, taking a last minute three, UNLV, devestated. And also today, another upset, was when number 10 Saint Mary's, defeated number 7 Richmond, 80-71, in a good quality game.
In an overtime game, #2 Villanova had a tough time holding on to a first round win, but pulled it off, 73-70 over #15 Robert Morris. And earlier today, another upset was #4 Vanderbilt losing to #13 Murray St. It was still a very close game, Murray barely winning, 66-65. And the last major upset, also earlier today, was #6 Notre Dame losing the first round by one, 61-60, to Old Dominion.
Those were the main games completed, and right now, the games to watch, are the New Mexico Lobos, vs the Montana Grizzlies where New Mexico is up by eight after trailing by one at the half, and the Tennessee Volunteers, vs. the San Diego St. Aztecs where the Aztecs are down by one at 54-55.
Signing off for now, I'm Sportsmaster JR, and remember, always stay inbounds!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tonight's sports highlights

I'm still trying to get a draw onto the website, for March Madness, but I have had some trouble so far. I have already done my draw, have you done yours?!
Anyway, now on to the pros.
In the NBA, the Charlotte Bobcats were hoping to upset the Pacers in Indiana, but not everyone can get their wishes.
The game was close, but the Pacers had nothing to lose, winning in the end, 99-94. The Miami Heat were fortunate enough, to get a home game against the San Antonio Spurs, but luck didn't seem to pay off in the end. The Spurs won in a low scoring game of 88-76. The Atlanta Hawks, played the 7-60 New York Nets, in New York, where a not too surprising win went to the Hawks, 108-84. The Cleveland Cavaliers, added to the list of away wins, beating the Detroit Pistons, 113-101. And finally, just now, the Memphis Grizzlies did hold on at home, beating the Chicago Bulls 104-97. Kings up by three over the Lakers,Suns up by eight, over the Timberwolves, and the Nuggets up by 6, over the Wizards in the third.
And now over to pro Hockey.
The Phoenix Coyotes, beet the Tampa Bay Lightning, 2-1. The Atlanta Thrashers, beet the Buffalo Sabres, 4-3 in a tight, interesting game. The Washington Capitals creamed the Florida Panthers, 7-3. The Colorado Avalanche, beet the St. Louis Blues, 5-3, in an average, game. Those were the main games in hockey completed, and now, the main game unfinished, is the Dallas Stars, vs the San Jose Sharks, where the Stars are up 8-2, in an unexpected wipeout.
That's it for tonight.
Signing off for now, I'm Sportsmaster JR, and remember, always stay inbounds!